How your fund can celebrate its members during social distancing

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Most Texans are still social distancing themselves from the new coronavirus, but your public pension system can still join TEXPERS in observing Public Service Recognition Week. 


TEXPERS Staff Report
Public Service Recognition Week, May 3-9, is a time set aside to honor the women and men who serve as federal, state, county, and local government employees. Among them are law enforcement officers, firefighters, city workers, librarians, educators, and nurses. And they work hard on our behalf in jobs designed to maintain safe and productive communities.


Typically, various federal, state, and local governments would observe the week through events aimed at educating others about the work of public employees and why they have chosen public service careers. Some groups participate in parades, issue proclamations, host ceremonies, take part in job fairs, and hold events to honor their public servants.
Due to an ongoing pandemic, however, things are a bit different this year. Most educational outreach has moved online. This week, posts saluting public servants for their dedication along with the hashtag #PSRW have appeared on the Facebook and Twitter pages of various governmental departments, agencies, and organizations. 
The Partnership for Public Service has organized the observation every year since 1985. This year, the group is asking government employees, their employers, as well as community organizations and professional associations, to inform the public about public-sector jobs and the importance of public service. In addition to giving thanks to civil servants, the observation is a chance for organizations, including pension systems, to inspire public understanding of the role of government in their lives, the critical work employees perform, and the recruitment needs of governments.


What Public Pension Systems Can Do

Recognition Ideas: 
  • Have public employee pension system leaders blog or tweet about PSRW and the importance of public service.
  • Display the PSRW logo or banner graphics - available at www. - on public pension websites, blogs, and electronic communications.
  • Invite active and retired system members to write about why they serve and post photos of the members holding their cards on fund social media channels. Click here for a link to a downloadable card from the partnership. 
  • Present active and retired pension system members with certificates of appreciation for their work.
  • Publicize the observance in pension fund blogs or newsletters. 

Facebook post by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
Click graphic to enlarge.

Public Outreach

While we take the opportunity to recognize the work public employees do - especially on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic - let's also ensure our plan members continue to receive every penny of the secure retirements they've earned. 
In addition to telling the public the many reasons why public employees perform their jobs, tell them the importance of earning a secure retirement.
Let them know that millions of people have not saved enough for retirement. Explain that without sufficient income, older adults will not be able to afford the resources that enable them to live independently, pay for medical and other health care expenses, and continue to contribute to society. And tell them that defined-benefit pension plans provide a consistent and predictable stream of revenue to public employees - the men and women who have dedicated their careers to the public sector. 
Point them to online resources such as and your plan's website where they can learn more about the importance of secure retirements.
And visit to learn how you can honor your local public servants.

Additional Example of #PSRW Social Media Posts
Twitter post by the Association of Government Toxicologist Plus.
Click post to enlarge.


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