House Pensions Committee Chairman Pens Pension op-ed

 Texas House Pensions Committee Chairman Dan Flynn provides wise counsel to those who seek conversion of defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans.
 Dan Flynn, the chairman of the Texas House Pensions Committee, makes an interesting assertion in an op-ed he penned for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

With more than 2 million Texans depending on these pensions for their primary income during retirement, moving too quickly and simply eliminating them for something different invites unintended consequences. It would be neither conservative nor fair to those who spent their careers believing they had a commitment to a pension for their government service.

We have to remember that as Texans, when we make a promise, we keep a promise — and this applies to governmental organizations at all levels.

We could not agree more. Please read the entire op-ed. It is reassuring in our effort to maintain DB plans for public sector employees.


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