TEXPERS' Legislative Policy-making Action Agenda is Now Available

The Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems has released its 2017 Policy-Making Action Agenda. The informative guide breaks down the concept of defined benefit pensions into easy to understand concepts, arming you with the knowledge you need to tout the importance of public pensions to your local legislators.

Let's face it; people are living longer. Thanks to progress, humans are healthier than ever before and living longer beyond retirement. That means the cost of living also is growing. Social Security simply isn't enough to support older adults through retirement, and 401 (k)s alone often are not providing enough extra income to boost that support.
The TEXPERS 2017 Policy-Making Action Agenda was put together to help you understand how defined benefit plans work and why public service workers such as police, firefighters and municipal workers rely on the supplemental income the benefits produce so you better communicate with your local legislators. 
Pensions do not just benefit recipients, either. The booklet outlines the economic advantages public pension plans provide the state. The book also illustrates how state government works in tandem with local governments.
TEXPERS is an advocate of defined benefit pensions. We hope you will read the guide to increase your knowledge of public pensions and share the guide with your local legislators while they meet and debate on various pension issues this legislative session.
Click through the e-booklet. Be sure to download the guide for frequent reference. Also, copy and paste the link to share the guide with those who may not fully understand how pensions work and why defined benefits are significant. Click Here to View the Booklet


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