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The Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems (TEXPERS) is a statewide voluntary non-profit association that provides education and legislative advisory services to the Trustees, administrators, professional service providers and employee groups that manage the retirement money of police, fire firefighters, municipal and district employees in cities across Texas.

TEXPERís members are the trustees, administrators and participants of public employee retirement systems in Texas, as well as professional service providers, employee groups and associations engaged in or interested in the management of those systems.

TEXPERS works closely with elected officials to ensure ongoing improvement to a legislative framework that contributes to effective investment practices by its member plans. Ultimately, all Texansí benefit from the sound investment policies that start with Texas law.

Membership to TEXPERS is open to all Texas public retirement systems. Joining is a very easy process, just follow the steps. Membership by all other classifications requires an application. There are current openings for Consultants, Actuaries and Employee Groups.

TEXPERS actively engages with media so that taxpaying Texans can feel confident in the ability of their public servants to support their families in retirement. This newsroom contains press releases and special reports that cover pension issues.

TEXPERS executes its educational mission with conferences and the Certified Trustee Training (CTT) program. Conferences twice annually for pension trustees are organized, educating trustees about investment options, fiduciary duties, governance, ethics, investment terms and practices, and actuarial and legal matters. The CTT program is dedicated to developing well-informed pension trustees during a three-module program focused on investment principles and pension issues.

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