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Pension Observer:
Vol. 4, 2017

The fourth-quarter issue of TEXPERS Pension Observer is now online. Stories include:

– Two female pension executives share why more women should run pensions
– Defined contributions aren't the right cure for pension ills
– Employees deserve sound retirement systems and benefits
– New York City's chief actuary offers advice to Texas funds
– Report: Texas' state and local pension funds continue steady trend performance
– Public pension boards should take note of open meeting requirements

TEXPERS Outlook:
October 2017

The October 2017 issue of TEXPERS Outlook is now online. Stories include:

– Before dismantling public pensions, a new report suggests recouping money lost through corporate subsidies
– Retirement-for-all advocacy group hosts symposium; discusses issues concerning public pension systems
– Houston Firefighters' Relief and Retirement Fund earns 12% in 2017 fiscal year, passes $4 billion in assets

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Defined Benefits and Fund Stability in Texas

A number of proposals affecting pension systems for public employees were brought forward in the most recent Texas legislative session. Many proposals could touch the lives of workers such as firefighters, police officers, educators, and city employees. The bills are often complicated, but when legislators take the time to understand them, they can make decisions that positively help pension systems. This booklet explains why defined benefits for public employees are important to Texas.



TEXPERS Pension Observer 

A quarterly magazine covers pension issues across the state and nation.

TEXPERS Outlook 
A monthly e-newsletter encompassing pertinent, timely news affecting Texas public pensions.


Tried and Proven: City Employees, Sound Budget Management, and Defined Benefit Plans
This brochure provides a summary of reasons as to why defined benefit plans are the best option for the cities and taxpayers of Texas.