2022 Amortization Period Trend Charts

2022 Overview Am Period Trends
2022 Target Rate Comparisons Year-over-year
On the following charts, green bars indicate improvement from the previous year, red bars indicate decline from previous year, and a grey bar indicates no change. For the first three charts, improvements mean that there are more systems in the category. For all the following charts, any increase in number indicates a decline from the previous year. In some cases however, declines can also mean that those systems improved into a lower amortization period.
2022 - 0 Year Amortization
2022 Am Periods greater than 0 and less than 15
2022 Am Periods greater than 15 and less than 25
2022 Am Periods greater than 25 and less than 40
2022 Am Periods greater than 40 and less than infinity
2022 - Infinity Amortization