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Upcoming Interim Legislative Hearings

Below is a list of upcoming or recently held interim Texas legislative hearings TEXPERS' System Members and others interested in managing public employee pensions in the state might be interested in following. The topics either directly or indirectly impact pension management or governance issues. 

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Inflation: Momentum or Reversion to the Mean

With headline inflation at multi-decade highs investors are rightly concerned and it bears an in-depth look. Some of the drivers of price rises have persisted longer than the Fed expected. But looking beyond the headlines at some of those drivers of the last twelve months could be useful.

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Don't Be Afraid of the Inflation Bogeyman

TEXPERS invited two experts with Putnam Investments, an Associate member of the association, to discuss inflation expectations. Shep Perkins, CFA, is Chief Investment Officer of Equities at Putnam and Donald E. Perks is a Quantitative Analyst with the firm.

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