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TEXPERS' Fort Worth Annual Conference Packs General Session With Nearly 530 Attendees

The Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems held its 2022 Annual Conference at The Worthington Renaissance Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, April 3-6, 2022.

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See the 24 Organizations That Recently Joined Your Association

TEXPERS members are trustees, administrators, professional service providers, employee groups, and associations engaged or interested in managing public employee retirement systems.

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Why the Private Credit Market is Growing Fast

As interest rates on investment grade bonds have fallen to near-zero, private credit has attracted increased interest from institutional investors. Callan expects that private credit will offer substantially higher yields and equity-like total returns while in some cases providing regular cash distributions. In exchange, investors must accept illiquidity, with individual loans having an average life of three to five years and fund terms typically ranging from five to ten years. Additionally, private credit potentially incurs higher credit risk as borrowers are often smaller than those able to access traditional credit markets.

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