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A Pension Leader's Guide to Financial Wellness during the Lunar New Year

Did you welcome the Lunar New Year with open arms? The celebration presents an ideal occasion for fund leaders to rejuvenate their thinking and gain new perspectives about their fund and annuitants.

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Poverty Awareness and the Role of Public Employee Retirement Plans

National Poverty in America Awareness Month is observed every year in January. This observance aims to recognize the severe conditions of poverty that many people live in. It provides an opportunity to learn more about this social issue, raise awareness among others, and understand how everyone can help.

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3 Webinars to Improve Your Pension Governance Skills

Each week, TEXPERS presents you with free or low-cost ways to gain insights into current trends, research, and news related to public pension management, governance, policymaking, investments, research, and retirement—all from the comfort of your office.

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