TEXPERS Urges its Members to Register to Vote During National Observance

On Sept. 20, 2022, Americans will celebrate National Voter Registration Day with a massive cross-country effort to register voters ahead of the midterm elections. Every eligible American voter should have the option to exercise their right to be heard at the ballot box. National Voter Registration Day is the right day to start by registering.

Communities across the country, in all 50 states and D.C., are planning to use National Voter Registration Day to get registered and get #VoteReady. This year also marks National Voter Registration Day's 10th anniversary.

Thousands of national, state and local organizations and volunteers will be the driving force behind National Voter Registration Day 2022. Partner organizations will coordinate hundreds of National Voter Registration Day events on and offline nationwide and leverage #NationalVoterRegistrationDay and #VoteReady on social media to drive attention to voter registration.

The effort's website, NationalVoterRegistrationDay.org, lists National Voter Registration Day events across the country, in communities, and held virtually. It also includes more comprehensive and state-specific resources on all things voter registration and voting.

In 2012, National Voter Registration Day was established to provide an annual opportunity for Americans to exercise their most fundamental right - the right to vote. Since the inaugural National Voter Registration Day, nearly 4.5 million Americans have registered to vote on the holiday.

Texas Registration and Election Information

TEXPERS encourages its members to register to vote on Sept. 20. TEXPERS also offers the following information:

  • Texas' last day to register to vote is Oct. 11.
  • The first day of early voting by personal appearance is Oct. 24.
  • The last day for those eligible to apply for a ballot by mail is on Oct. 28, but do it now as this is the "received-by" date.
  • Early voting ends Nov. 4.
  • Election Day is Nov. 8.

For election information and to determine if you are registered to vote in the state, visit www.votetexas.gov.


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