TEXPERS 2024 Annual Conference Hosts Eclipse Viewing Party

Mark your calendars because an astronomical event is set to dazzle TEXPERS 2024 Annual Conference attendees. On April 8, amidst the bustling cityscape of Dallas, Texas, the lawn outside one of the city's most recognizable landmarks will transform into a celestial theater, offering a front-row seat to witness the awe-inspiring total eclipse of the sun.

It's a public event put on by Reunion Tower, but TEXPERS is hosting its own private event on the grounds, which means the conference attendees can get a unique mix of networking and celestial wonder.

The TEXPERS Annual Conference, scheduled from April 7 to 10 next door to Reunion Tower at the Hyatt Regency Dallas, will pause for an extraordinary lunchtime event from 11:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Registered conference attendees will be treated to box lunches that they can enjoy while relishing the eclipse's grandeur from a private area reserved on the Reunion Tower's lawn.

From the vantage point of this exclusive viewing area, attendees will have the rare opportunity to witness the moon's shadow cast upon the earth, obscuring the sun and creating an ethereal twilight. To enhance the experience, Reunion Tower is bringing in food trucks that will be stationed on-site for guests who want to buy other culinary delights while marveling at this natural spectacle. The following food vendors (subject to change) are currently set to be on the lawn:

  • Corn Dog With No Name
  • Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe
  • The North Park Chick-fil-A

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Local news station NBC 5 will be on hand to provide live coverage of the eclipse, capturing every moment of this celestial ballet. Additionally, meteorologists will share insights and explanations, enriching attendees' understanding of the astronomical phenomena unfolding before their eyes.

This event is free to the public! Parking is available at 601 Sports St., Dallas, TX 75207

Location, Location, Location

Reunion Tower's lawn is within walking distance from the Conference venue; however, it might be a bit of a trek for some members. TEXPERS staff will be on hand to direct Conference attendees to the lawn.

Those with difficulty walking might opt to hire a ride share for a drop-off at 601 Sports St. With more than 1 million people expected to travel to Texas to see the eclipse and Dallas being one of the best spots to catch it in its totality, traffic could be heavy due to tourists even for a trip around the block, so it might be wise to make plans to leave early.

Conference attendees must wear their name badges to enter the Association's private area on Reunion Tower's lawn. TEXPERS' private area will be located across from the NBC 5 broadcasting area off Sports Street. Look for TEXPERS’ flags.

Although all signs currently point to clear skies, Reunion Tower’s event planners say that the event will be canceled if inclement weather obscures the view of the eclipse. Registered Conference attendees have access to an event app and will receive any notification of cancellation. 

Eye Protection

Crucially, eye protection is paramount when observing a solar eclipse. TEXPERS, in collaboration with the law firm of Bernstein, Litowitz, Berger & Grossmann, has ensured that registered members will receive solar eclipse glasses. These specially designed glasses will safeguard attendees' eyes from the sun's intense rays, allowing them to witness the eclipse safely.

The 2024 total eclipse's path across Dallas offers a prime viewing opportunity, with the city positioned to experience a total eclipse. As per NASA's eclipse predictions, Dallas will witness a total eclipse with time in totality of approximately 3 minutes and 51 seconds, one of the most extended durations across North America. This makes proper eye protection essential for anyone planning to witness the event.

"TEXPERS' commitment to providing its members with enriching and memorable experiences is exemplified by the eclipse viewing party planned for the 2024 Annual Conference," says Art Alfaro, TEXPERS' executive director. "By combining professional development with celestial spectacle, TEXPERS ensures that attendees leave the conference with valuable insights and cherished memories of witnessing nature's grandeur."

So, take advantage of this chance to network, learn, and marvel at the wonders of the universe. Join TEXPERS on April 8 for an unforgettable eclipse viewing party, where the boundaries between professional development and cosmic exploration blur in the moon's shadow.

More to Do

After the event, from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m., the Association hosts its All Members Networking Event at Gilley's Dallas, a legendary entertainment venue. Gilley's Dallas is located at 1135 Botham Jean Blvd., a short drive from the Conference venue hotel. The TEXPERS event will be held in the South Side Music Hall of the venue.

Attendees must wear their conference badges to gain access to the networking event. TEXPERS will provide continuous transportation between the Hyatt Regency Dallas and Gilley's Dallas.

"This is a great opportunity to meet and mingle with your fellow TEXPERS members, share your insights and experiences, and make new connections," Alfaro says. "You can also enjoy the amenities of Gilley's Dallas, DJ music, and the delicious food and drinks."

For more information about the TEXPERS 2024 Annual Conference, networking events, and the complete agenda, visit https://bit.ly/TEXPERS2024AC.

About the Author:
Allen Jones is the director of communications and event marketing for TEXPERS. He joined the Association in 2017. Before TEXPERS, he worked in the news media industry, producing content for newspapers, magazines, and online publications and leading newsrooms as an editor and publications manager. [email protected]


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